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Adam Walsh, product manager from Inline Systems, explains the value of the borescope when it comes to pest and building inspections. 

For the past 16 years the German manufactured Heine Cavity Borescope has been an extremely valuable asset to timber pest inspectors and looks likely to stay that way in the future.

We have all seen, and are aware of the cheap and inferior low cost probes in the market today. The German made lens optics Heine system was produced from the very beginning as a cavity inspection borescope allowing the operator to determine a rapid and reliable visual diagnosis of almost any dark and black internal wall, floor, or ceiling cavity, easily and quickly. With its unique gas halogen super bright warm lamp bulbs costing approximately $70 each, nothing can come close to the illumination capability of this extremely popular kit.

The kit is the TS-08350.9060 Professional Building Inspection Cavity Borescope, which includes a 8 x 350mm focussing borescope with a 90 degree viewing direction and 60 degree field of view. It also has a portable rechargeable battery pack, battery power connection cord, a battery charger and transport case.

This Borescope is the brightest and most efficient portable warm light borescope in the world. With 40 years experience in optical design and manufacture of medical diagnostic instruments of world format, Heine Germany has developed the unique Technoscope system to assist building inspectors and waterproofing and pest inspectors around the world.

The Building Inspection Technoscope Kit represents a new technical generation, and sets new standards for all professional building related inspections. The eyepiece of the Technoscope system can be connected to an accessory camera adapter for connection to a digital camera for still and video image archiving.

Benefits of the borescope include:

  • Minimise exposure to liability claims
  • Rapid diagnoses with minimal damage
  • Brightest illumination solution via the smallest opening
  • Documentation of problems via optional video camera adapter
  • Fast and efficient reporting of problem areas
  • Inspect through weep holes, mortar joints, plasterboards and ceilings
  • Lens image is as clear as a monocular – definition is as good as your eyes are
  • Brightest cavity illuminator in the world with a warm light replaceable 12-volt bulb at the tip
  • Made in Germany and able to be serviced in Germany
  • Positive inspection direction 90-degree side viewing angle.

If you have any questions regarding the use of a camera with the Building Inspection Cavity Borescope Kit or would just like to know more about this unique product, contact Inline Systems.

Adam Walsh, Product Manager (Cavity Borescope), Inline Systems