Bed bugs are hitching a lift in the mountains of Europe, causing authorities to take action. 

The era of global travel has long been connected to the increased prevalence of bed bugs. With the high turnover of visitors from around the world, tourism hotspots will always have a bed bug problem.

The latest hotspots are the Alpine refuges in Germany. These remote Alpine huts are used by hikers as they traverse the Alps. Currently it is estimated that 10-15% of Germany’s 321 Alpine huts are infested with bed bugs.

Although bed bugs are a taboo subject, the problem has become so serious that tourism authorities have had to speak up. In addition to getting the hut landlords to carry out treatments they are warning hikers and suggesting they microwave their sleeping bags.

Authorities were keen to point out this was not specifically a German problem: “It doesn’t matter if it’s in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France or anywhere else. The bugs don’t recognise borders.”

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