Ensystex regional director, Steve Broadbent, outlines the range of bed bug solutions that are now available directly from Ensystex.  

No, this is not a new song; Cimethor Bed Bug Blue is the latest high tech innovation to be brought to the market by Ensystex. Cimethor Bed Bug Blue complements the Ensystex Environmental Room Monitoring System (ERMS) which was launched last month for the early detection of bed bugs.

Steve Broadbent, Ensystex regional director explained how it works. “One of the most common signs of the presence of bed bugs is faecal spotting. But until now, the big question has always been, ‘How can you be sure the spotting was caused by a bed bug?’

“Cimethor Bed Bug Blue can be used to test for the presence of blood in faecal matter, and it will detect faecal spots up to two years old. It easily distinguishes bed bug spotting from other marks, providing professional pest managers with confidence in their bed bug diagnosis.

“The kit contains a test card with nine test windows, nine cotton swabs and a bottle of development fluid. A couple of drops of the fluid are added to a cotton swab, which is then rubbed over the suspect faecal spot. It is then rubbed on a test window. If the window turns blue, we have a positive identification of a faecal spot containing blood; if it remains white, or goes any other colour, it is not a bed bug spot.”

Mr Broadbent continued by expanding on how Cimethor Bed Bug Blue can be used in conjunction with the Ensystex Environmental Room Monitoring System (ERMS).

ERMS beg bug monitor
ERMS beg bug monitor

“The ERMS has been designed and developed in the field, and proven in more than 29,000 cases of bed bug infestations in Europe and the USA. It is sensitively guest branded and many thousands of them already go unnoticed in hotels, hostels and halls of residence overseas.

“At the heart of ERMS is the Ensystex Passive Bed Bug Monitor. To a bed bug, the Passive Monitor provides the ideal living quarters. More particularly, it is designed so that bed bugs defecate on the white skirt around the monitor when they enter. The faecal spots are then easily visible on this white skirt. If there is any doubt as to whether a spot has been created by a bed bug, then Cimethor Bed Bug Blue can be used to confirm.

“At a cost of less than seven cents a day, ERMS is affordable and effective and puts professional pest managers in a position to greatly increase their revenue. Rather than sitting around waiting for a bed bug problem to arise, there is now a professional solution to ensure bed bugs are never a problem again. Already ERMS promises to be a real winner given the number of professional pest managers who have backed the program.

“Although the passive monitors provide an early warning system to indicate the initial signs of bed bug activity, they will not assist with the decontamination of infected locations and should only be used as part of an integrated pest management approach.

Bithor Dual Action Insecticide with its unique dual mode of action, has proven to provide an optimal solution for the control of bed bugs, including the commonly encountered pyrethroid-resistant strains.

“In trials performed at the Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research at Westmead Hospital, against a highly pyrethroid-resistant strain of the common bed bug (Cimex lectularius), Bithor Dual Action provided 100% control after two hours exposure. Similarly, in trials against a pyrethroid-resistant strain of the tropical bed bug (Cimex hemipterus), performed by the Department of Medical Entomology in Thailand, Bithor Dual Action proved 100% effective in all replicates, and outperformed all other products tested.

Bithor Dual Action provides fast initial control of bed bugs, together with improved residual performance and, most importantly, it has been shown to control all life stages of the bed bug. The enhanced potency of Bithor Dual Action arises from the potentiation that occurs between the two active ingredients. This means that each active makes the other more effective. And since they work at different target sites on the insect nervous system, the end result is the most powerful and versatile insecticide on the market.”

“Ensystex are developing a comprehensive bed bug management system. Not only does Ensystex provide ERMS and Cimethor Bed Bug Blue for monitoring and detection, and Bithor Dual Action for treatment, Ensystex also provides training programs and technical manual to ensure professionalism. This provide pest managers with a complete professional solution for hotels, other accommodation providers and at risk businesses, to ensure their guests are not bitten by bed bugs; and that they maintain the highest of management standards to protect their reputations.

Mr Broadbent also announced a further expansion of the Ensystex bed bug offering.

“In the next couple of months we will be adding a further range of products for the control of bed bugs, including non-pesticidal solutions. We envisage that with the spread of resistance in bed bugs, this is going to be very important for the future.

“Bed bugs already have a formidable arsenal of mechanisms to de-activate insecticides, including target site (nerve) insensitivity, metabolic detoxification and reduced penetration of the insect cuticle. Our first new solution to combat this will be the Cimethor Cimex Eradicator. This uses super-heated steam, at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.

“The Cimethor Cimex Eradicator can be used in the presence of people and the treated rooms can be used again immediately after completing the treatment. Bed bugs are very sensitive to temperature changes and the flow of steam at 180°C ensures adult insects and larval stages are eliminated, as well as the eggs. The steam flow reaches all the nooks and crannies, including the corners that are most difficult to treat, eliminating even deeply hidden bed bugs. The treatment includes an additive that delivers additional benefits including enabling disaggregation of the glue-like substance that enables the eggs to stick to surfaces and reducing the characteristic smell of bed bugs.

“With the arrival of these new products Ensystex are able to provide a total bed bug solution and ensure professional pest managers linked to Ensystex are at the cutting edge of the latest science in the war on bed bugs,” concluded Mr Broadbent.

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