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Andrea Proctor from Spinifex Communications International explains the route customers take to find your business online.

It’s no longer sufficient to have a logo and a website and send out that letterbox postcard to your customer and think that the phone will ring. Whilst those things are still integral to marketing your business, the way your customer finds information out about you has changed.

They’ve changed the way they search, view and consume information because of a small gadget called the smartphone.

On average we are checking our phones 150 times a day! Yes, you read that right.

These moments are called micro moments.

Your customer will find you

In these moments your customer is allowing you to engage with them as they are actively seeking information to inform their decision-making process on the best pest company to deal with their invasion.

In this immediate world we live in, your customer wants everything now. They don’t want to wait in line, they want the path of least resistance and they want to be able to find where you are within one click.

This information needs to be available immediately, which means your brand, your message, needs to be there at the right time, in the right place with the most up-to-date content, to make sure they have the best brand experience and choose you over the competitor.

How they decide

Your customer experiences four moments on the journey to making a decision.

    1. Want to know moment – this means your potential customer is doing their research. (Checking out the latest reviews about you on Facebook and Google, seeking your credentials and comparing prices against your competitors).
    2. Want to go moment – next they are looking at a local business, which should be you. They may have moved to the area and want to see how far away you are versus the pestie in the next suburb. ‘Near me’ searches have doubled in growth over the past year, so make sure your Google directory is up-to-date.
    3. Want to do moment – today we seek instruction for everything, which is why YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Your customer wants to know how and why. Why should they choose you? Do you have testimonials on your website to help them make this decision? What should they do if they see a trail of ants, cockroaches or spiders?
    4. I want to buy moment – this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The customer, if you have made sure that all the information they are seeking was readily available, is ready to call you… to purchase. The significant difference here is that you haven’t actively promoted to them, they have found everything they need from finding you.

So how do you make sure you appear in one of those 150 searches?

Make sure your website is mobile friendly, your content is up-to-date and link with relevant promotions on Facebook and you are searchable on Google.

In short, ‘be there, be useful, be quick’ – anticipate your customers’ needs, be relevant and searchable.

Andrea ProctorSpinifex Communications International

Image source: think with Google