Scott Kleinschmidt

Scott Kleinschmidt

With over 30 years of experience, Scott Kleinschmidt is perhaps the leading pest control industry expert on termites and termite management.

In terms of understanding termite behaviour in urban areas, how termite control products work and developing termite management plans to protect buildings, Mr Kleinschmidt leads the way. As a result, he is popular with suppliers and pest managers alike in sharing his experience at conferences and industry events.

Providing contract R&D and consultancy services with his company ATP Research, Mr Kleinschmidt is very much in demand from suppliers in the pest control and timber industries.

Scott Kleinschmidt is the director at Australian Timber and Pest (ATP) Research, where he provides consultancy, R&D and product evaluation services to business connected with the timber and pest control industries.

Scott Kleinschmidt has over 30 years of research experiences in the professional pest control industry in Australia (and overseas).

Having worked for Aventis, Bayer and BASF during his career, and developed and evaluated a range of termite control products, Mr Kleinschmidt is seen as an industry expert in termite biology, behaviour and management.

In his time at BASF, his R&D activities were integral to the successful launch of Termidor.

Mr Kleinschmidt’s passion is termites and termite management. Timber susceptibility and timber preservation are therefore connected topics of interest. Mr Kleinschmidt uses his knowledge and experience to support suppliers with their development and evaluation of termite products (and other pest control products).

Associate Degree in Applied Science, Forestry

Masters of Science – Title? – Ongoing, University?

Inventor and patent holder for Termidor Dust.

As much of Mr Kleinschmidt’s work has been commercial in confidence, publication of his work has not been possible. However, he has presented at various industry conferences and events in Australia and overseas.

However, he has written several informative articles for Professional Pest Manager and Termite Professional magazine, including:

Can’t see the Wood for the Trees – A summary of his presentation from the inaugural Termite Professional Conference, which includes some of his findings from his Masters studies.

Termite Inspection Challenges in Heritage Buildings

His 2 part story describing his termite encounters on a road trip from Brisbane to Darwin – Termite Road Trip Part 1 and Termite Road Trip Part 2.

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