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An innovative device for the application of gel bait has now gone global. 

“Launched less than 12 months ago, Australian innovation Pestie Dotz are now being sold globally,” an excited David Priddy inventor and owner of Sundew Solutions said.

The observations and feedback from pest management professionals and end consumers led to the development of a tool to improve the professionalism of our whole industry – Pestie Dotz – a patented polymer platform for the application of gel baits.

Pestie Dotz incorporates a technology that allows them to be attached to flat smooth surfaces without tearing or leaving any residues when removed. They are not a sticker. Pestie Dotz also has a 5mm ready reckoner to assist in the accurate application of gel baits as well as a fluorescent coating that makes locating them in dark areas with a black light torch easy.

All of this clever technology and professional application technique has caught the eyes of overseas pest management professionals and major resellers alike.

“It has been very humbling to have the largest resellers in the UK and Europe take Pestie Dotz on board,” said Mr Priddy. “To be contacted by major overseas buyers wanting to access this Aussie innovation has been very exciting for us.

“We’ve been hearing feedback that some major pest control companies implementing any gel bait placement must use Pestie Dotz as their platform for application.

“It’s such a simple idea and resellers and pest management professionals that see this for the first time can’t believe something like this hasn’t been around before. It’s the answer to what has long been an industry problem surrounding the use of gel baits, said one reseller.

“Pestie Dotz are also finding favour locally, with government health inspectors singing the products praises for use in commercial situations as a ‘must have’ product for pest managers treating restaurants, hotels, motels, factories, schools, housing commission, and other government buildings,” explained Mr Priddy.