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Rapid Solutions’ online learning centre is a valuable tool that helps to keep staff trained in the latest pest management techniques.

When knee-deep in work, there’s rarely enough time for business owners to closely monitor their team’s performance. When recruiting it can be difficult to get a clear picture of a candidate’s skill set before offering them a job.

Neglecting these areas can unfortunately result in your bottom line taking a serious hit, if duties are not being carried out correctly or if a newly appointed employee turns out to not be quite as work-ready as you believed. In these scenarios it is the precious commodities of time and money that end up being placed under even greater strain than usual.

To address this issue Rapid Solutions have expanded their E-Learning Centre to include an online Assessment Centre. Pest control companies can use this tool to identify shortfalls in the knowledge or skills of current staff members and potential staff members (job applicants).

Keith Farrow, Rapid Solutions chief technical officer, explained. “If a member of your team is not performing as you would hope, it is obviously best that you know about it as soon as possible.

The Assessment Centre enables the employee to sit a short 30 minute online assessment to identify any shortfalls in their knowledge and skills.” It also rates individuals against the industry norm as set by other users of the system. The cost of $99 measures up favourably when weighed against the potential cost of remaining unaware of performance issues.

As well as assessing the skills of existing staff members, the Assessment Centre can also be used as part of the interview process to appoint new employees. Taking on a new member of staff represents a significant investment to any business and the more informed the decision making process is, the less likely it will end in regret. “The Assessment Centre helps you to establish the true ability of candidates so you can select the person most suitable for the role,” said Mr Farrow.

The Assessment Centre can also work for you as a sales tool to get you over the line when trying to secure contracts with corporate clients and government departments. “Being able to present evidence that your team undergoes independent external assessment using the most current methods can reassure clients that by selecting your company they have made the right choice.”

The E-Learning Centre will continue to expand as Rapid Solutions promotes the pursuit of excellence in the pest control industry. Mr Farrow concluded, “If you have a training or skill assessment need which is not currently being addressed please let us know as this could help to shape new programs and courses.”

“Registering could help you win extra contracts or make you aware of a problem that needs to be urgently fixed. Either way, can you afford to delay?”

The basic pest management assessment is available online now, with the timber pest management assessment coming soon.