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A handful of pest managers from across the country have been whisked off to the US as part of Syngenta’s most recent product promotion. 

The extremely successful Altriset promotion concluded with 15 lucky members of the Australian pest control industry being taken over to attend PestWorld 2016 in Seattle, USA.

“The primary purpose of the Altriset promotion was to educate Aussie pesties about the latest trends and developments that always make their first introduction at PestWorld conferences. This year did not disappoint, with our Aussie team seeing new equipment, chemical technology and innovative business models. One of which was Syngenta’s highly successful backyard mosquito control, known as Secure Choice,” commented Dale Hudson, business manager, Syngenta Professional Products.

“PestWorld was a real eye opener. I spent a couple of hours soaking it all in. I have never seen anything so big, it was magnificent, it really was. The talks were really good, it’s good to get a different perspective,” enthused David Drury from Frontline Termite and Pest Control in Victoria.

Outside of the PestWorld Conference, the touring group had the opportunity to network with each other and discuss their experiences as managers and owners of pest control businesses.

Trevor Johnson of Pest Police in Victoria, in thanking Syngenta said, “It was fantastic to go as part of a group. Although the US do things a little bit differently, the trip has definitely proved beneficial for our business. I learnt a lot chatting within our group of pesties about different ways of doing things.”

Apart from PestWorld, Syngenta provided many other activities for the group including a tour of the Boeing Aircraft manufacturing facility. “This enabled the group to experience the potential of how large a business can become, when they have a fantastic product offer and what a truly world class manufacturing facility looks like.

“The tour group also sampled the excessive cuisine offered by Seattle restaurants, including Seattle’s fantastic selection of locally brewed beer and exceptional seafood,” said Mr Hudson.

All in all, the trip was well received. Chris Fisher, from Total Pest Management in Queensland, joined the group for part of the tour. “In my entire working life I have been committed to the simple philosophy of ‘Education, Education and Education’. With the learning opportunities available, there is not one person on that tour that could have failed to have benefited professionally. Everyone would have been impressed by the level of professionalism and commitment displayed by all the Syngenta staff encountered, from those staffing the booth to those organising and running the tour,” said Mr Fisher.

Syngenta would like to thank all of the winners who joined them on the trip and everyone who got involved with the Altriset PestWorld Competition.

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