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Pest managers are encouraged to dispose of their chemical containers using the ChemClear and drumMUSTER services offered by Agsafe.

Are those pest chemical drums and unwanted chemicals piling up in your sheds? There’s an easy fix.

Agsafe’s product stewardship schemes, ChemClear and drumMUSTER, are industry-led programs working towards reducing waste on properties.

Their mission is to help chemical users keep business premises clear of unwanted chemicals and used containers, safeguarding the health of communities and the environment.

Ensuring storage and handling areas for pest products are regularly cleared of unwanted chemicals and containers, means users are demonstrating their commitment to safe waste management practices.

drumMUSTER program manager, Allan McGann, said regular maintenance of chemical storage areas protected not only the community, but it was the basis of sound environmental land management.

“It’s becoming increasingly important for chemical users to demonstrate effective waste management to meet community and industry expectations,” Mr McGann said.

“Our programs can support pest controllers to meet these requirements and we provide evidence of proper disposal once unwanted containers and chemicals are disposed of through our programs.”

Empty, clean containers displaying the drumMUSTER logo are eligible for free recycling and Agsafe recommends chemicals be purchased from suppliers who stock products with the logo on the chemical label.

Pest and agvet chemical users in each state and territory can register unwanted chemicals online for collection, while clean, used containers can be delivered to local collection points, which are generally managed through local government transfer stations and landfill sites.

Unwanted chemicals in containers displaying the drumMUSTER logo are eligible for free collection.

Agvet chemicals without the logo or are unlabelled, expired, mixed or from non-participating manufacturers, incur a disposal fee. A quote is supplied when booking any fee-for-service chemicals for collection.

For further information on the drumMUSTER and ChemClear programs or to find your nearest disposal site, log on to the drumMUSTER or ChemClear websites.

Remember, every container counts!