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Ensystex’s air purifying unit provides pest managers with a potential new way to add value to their commercial accounts. 

Ensystex has launched the Vectothor Air160, employing the same three air disinfection technologies used to purify the air in hospital operating theatres.

Purifying the air we breathe is no longer a superfluous luxury; an increasing number of micro- organisms and chemical pollutants are commonly found in the air we breathe in indoor environments, including viruses, bacteria and moulds. These all make our air less healthy. People are increasingly concerned with the quality of the air they breathe, too – its effects on allergies and asthma and, especially at this time of year, the risks of catching diseases such as the flu, whooping cough and more.

Consequently, the Vectothor Air160 air purifier is ideally suited for marketing to childcare centres, preschools, aged care facilities, surgeries and clinics for use in waiting rooms, and even for small offices, restaurants and homes. The Air160 offers a tremendous opportunity for professional pest managers to extend their service range and attract new clients.

With Ensystex partnering with 3M and Philips in the development of the Air160, the unit is highly credible and will elicit strong brand recognition from customers. The Vectothor Air160 employs three cutting edge technologies: the ventilator, filter and disinfection chamber. The purification process begins with a quiet, high performance ventilator drawing the air through a hospital-grade 3M High Air Flow Electrostatic (HAFE) filter into the disinfection chamber.

Vectorthor Air160 air purifier 3M confirms that this hospital-grade filter provides twice the efficiency of standard filters, to attract, capture, and retain more particulate pollutants.

The disinfection chamber is what sets the Air160 apart from other systems. Since they are so tiny, viruses and bacteria will pass through typical filter systems. However, in the Air160 disinfection chamber, the air is bombarded with UVC radiation from a high performance, 65-watt Philips UVC lamp. The ability of UVC light to destroy DNA (the cellular structure) of viruses, bacteria, moulds, fungi and other micro-organisms is universally documented. With a unique aluminium lining, the disinfection chamber reflects the UVC from all sides to better ensure the total destruction of all micro-organisms. The air is then finally ionized, with 8.5 million negative ions per cubic metre to provide pure, fresh, odourless air.

This is why the Air160 offers tremendous opportunities in the safeguarding of ‘clean rooms’, such as those used in the pharmaceutical and electronic industries. The quality of the ionized air is such as you might breathe up in the mountains and may even promote healing processes.
The Vectothor Air160 has been proven to disinfect and purify the air by up to 99.99% and is the first time these three proven technologies have been brought together for use in smaller rooms. The elimination of viruses, bacteria, dust, VOCs, particulates, pollen, harmful gases and odours improves the quality of the air and may have a positive effect on people’s health, strengthen the resistance of the body against disease, and reduce inhalation allergies, anxiety and depression.

The target markets for the Air160 are already serviced by professional pest managers, so the unit becomes a natural range extension. Ensystex provides full training, together will all required sales and marketing materials. The Vectothor Air160 is simple to install and comes with a mounting template.

Suitable for areas of 100-200 cubic metres, Air160 employs integrated time monitoring to keep an accurate track of operating hours, together with reduced noise levels, all in a compact unit size.

Quarterly servicing and surface cleaning is advised to ensure the unit is functioning correctly. The lamp and filter only require changing after 12 months, so an annual service program may be adequate.

Steve Broadbent, Regional Director, Ensystex