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New buildings are typically protected with a liquid soil termiticide treatment but Sentricon AlwaysActive offers a more discreet yet high performing alternative. 

Sentricon AlwaysActive is certified by CodeMark for use as a termite management system in new homes. Produced and maintained by the Australian Building Code Board, CodeMark certification provides assurance to builders that the product meets the requirements of the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC). Builders need to meet the criteria of the NCC, which is a performance based code and there are different pathways possible to establish compliance.

One is ‘deem to satisfy’ (via Australian Standards) and the other is ‘alternative solution’. All innovative systems that do not sit within established criteria must be assessed as an ‘alternative solution’. Sentricon AlwaysActive was assessed by an independent evaluator as meeting the requirements listed in AS3660.3 and the NCC. As the CodeMark scheme is embedded within state and territory building control legislation, obtaining a CodeMark Certificate of Conformity is the only way to gain mandatory system compliance with the NCC throughout Australia.

Dow AgroSciences Pest Management business manager, Joanne George explained, “Sentricon AlwaysActive is a solid chemical termite management system, it is not a monitoring system nor a traditional bait but an active bait, in the true meaning of that word. It does not fit within the criteria of current standards as it was released after their print date. Fortunately all Codes and Standards do allow for innovation, and it doesn’t get more innovative than this!”

All new construction in mainland Australia must comply with specific requirements for termite management. Traditionally this has taken the form of physical systems such as termite meshes, graded stones and caps and/or a chemical system. A liquid chemical perimeter system requires trenches around the structure filled with hundreds of litres of termiticide that may be breached with any structural additions, landscaping or even a dog. Sentricon AlwaysActive is an innovative solid chemical system, designed to replace liquid chemicals.

Sentricon AlwaysActive is a system of active stations installed discreetly into the soil around the perimeter of a structure. Termites find the rods and carry the active ingredient back to the colony, where elimination begins. As the active ingredient is so specific and does not leach from the high density rod, Sentricon IG Termiticide Rods pose no risk to users or the environment, making it ideal in ecologically sensitive areas and/or heritage sites. It is also comparatively affordable, both to install and maintain.

“Rather than a massive inspection zone, pest managers need only inspect the Sentricon AlwaysActive Termiticide Rod to identify termite workings – it can’t be simpler than that!” commented Ms George.

AlwaysActive provides major advantages in production scheduling. Sentricon AlwaysActive is installed around the footprint of the structure after final grading. Installation requires no delays for production crews. There are no tank trucks, spray rigs, multiple stops or other hassles. Installation can proceed regardless of weather. Building crews stay on the job. As the stations are readily visible, they are easily avoided and if any are damaged during construction, they can simply be replaced.

Additionally, it’s a system that can be maintained indefinitely into the future, irrespective of changes to the footprint or landscaping. Stations can simply be removed and relocated as required, or added to after any footprint extension.

“Using Sentricon AlwaysActive for new builds has so many benefits for the owner, builder and pest manager alike. It works perfectly alongside physical barriers, without any of the usual drawbacks that liquid chemicals have. This is the largest and most successful market segment for Sentricon in America, for these reasons, so it’s only a matter of time before it really takes off in Australia,” added Ms George.

Compliance with the Sentricon AlwaysActive CodeMark accreditation requires:

  • the installer complete the Sentricon AlwaysActive free, online training prior to installation
  • installation and ongoing monitoring performed according to the current Sentricon AlwaysActive technical manual (available free online)
  • permanently fixing a durable notice in a prominent location.

Contact Dow to complete your training and accreditation.